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Your Opinions about FOSTA-SESTA?

We’re reaching out to ask for your help assessing the impact of FOSTA-SESTA on online sex workers, especially escorts. We know that your time is valuable, but we hope that the results of this research will be useful for educating the public about this legislation and it’s impact on providers. We’re happy to share our findings and research with participants, too.

The phone or web interview is anonymous; we will not know who you are or anything other than what you choose to share. All information that you share is kept strictly confidential. This is a safe way to voice your thoughts and opinions about FOSTA-SESTA and anything else related to the escort business.

Feel free to share this privately or publicly through social media -- we hope to get a high response so that we can share our findings with sex workers, legislators, policy makers, activists, allies, and academics.

Thank you so much. Have a great day!

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