Each of us has been working in this field for many years, in a variety of ways, and together we bring over 60 years of experience to this project. We have UNLV Institutional Review Board approval to conduct this research in a safe, confidential, ethical manner. Moreover, we will be sharing the results of this research broadly: online, with the sex worker community, Desiree Alliance, students, scholars, and the public-at-large through publications. 

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Kate Hausbeck Korgan, Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor, Sociology

Dean, UNLV Graduate College


Alex Nelson, Ph.D. Candidate

Anthropology, UNLV


Antoinette Izzo, Ph.D. Student

Sociology, UNLV


Sarah Bessen, M.D. Student

Dartmouth University 

Susan Lopez, M.A.

Independent Scholar

Leslie Hunter. M.A.

UNLV Graduate College


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